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From an exterior wash to paint protection coatings, we do it all!

Interior Detailing

We use vapor steam to clean the vehicles dashboard, vents, center console, cup holder area and door panels. Shampoo seats and carpet. We also use special vacuum attachments to get between seats and hard to reach areas. We then protect all interior surfaces with a conditioner.


Paint Correction

Paint correction is a machine polish process to remove swirl marks, scratches, scuffs, bird dropping etching, acid rain etching and other imperfections from your vehicle paint work, restoring an imperfection free high gloss finish.


Paint Protection Ceramic Coating

CERAMIC PRO®️ is a permanent Nano-ceramic coating that will protects your car from damaging environmental fallout and help keep your car cleaner for longer and easier to clean with its slick Hydrophobic Effect. CERAMIC PRO®️ coating protect your vehicle from UV rays(ultraviolet rays), chemical stain, water spots, scratches and swirls marks.


Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration removes dull, yellowed headlight build up. We clean and restore your headlight with our dry sanding, wet sanding, polishing techniques then apply clear coat for maximum visibility.


Grim to Grime

An important part of vehicle detailing includes skilled and experienced engine cleaning from auto detailing experts equipped with the necessary knowledge to help ensure the engine appearance. We recommend cleaning your engine compartment to not only help retain the value of your vehicle, but to ultimately help keep your vehicle’s engine cooler through the removal of grease, grim, and dirt.


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